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You do not need to connect your CellAED® to a network. Network connection is not required for your product to function as a life saving medical device. If cellular coverage is available, your CellAED® will automatically connect to the network for regular device status updates as part of the CellAED for life™ membership, as well as the uploading of data recorded anonymously during emergency use.

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No. Your CellAED® comes with a non-rechargeable battery and will arrive pre-charged.

Your CellAED® will have a product expiry of 2-years. You can find the expiry date printed on the back of your CellAED® protective case.

No. CellAED® is a fully integrated product designed to work without needing to worry about replacing parts like battery or gel pads.

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Peace of mind


Peace of mind, that hopefully you never have to use it, but you have something at hand that literally can save someone's life

- David Whiting, sudden cardiac arrest survivor

Perfect from home and office

Small and affordable

Built-in audio voice prompts to guide you through the CPR and defibrillation steps

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Members Benefits

Be prepared to help save a life from sudden cardiac arrest. CellAED®, is the world-first ultraportable defibrillator designed for home and business use.

For use on both adults and infants

CellAED for life™ is a membership designed to give you peace of mind, so you always have a working CellAED® on hand. Inclusions:

Replacement of your CellAED® if you use it

Complimentary replacement of your CellAED® before the shelf-life expiry of your old device

Monthly device status update on battery and storage temperature

Access to event data in accordance with privacy laws